9 Techniques To Master Dental Patient Retention

Attracting patients to your practice is only the beginning. You need to understand how to build relationships with your existing patients by using effective marketing tools and techniques to turn them into long-term patients.

Many practices make the mistake of focusing only on gaining new patients. They fail to effectively address the need to retain those they already have. Did you know that the most valuable asset that a practice has is its existing patient base? Every practice wants and needs new patients, but your surest and most predictable source of new revenue is right under your nose. It comes from the loyal patients who already know your practice.

When it comes to marketing your practice, there is no silver bullet. It is important that you see your practice marketing as a collation of strategies. Creating effective marketing with different patient touch points is key to your success. Your potential patients and existing patients need to experience a number of touch points all reinforcing your brand message before making the decision to come to you.

Dental patient retention videos

Below we have included 9 videos that explain in detail dental patient retention techniques:

  1. Retaining Patients to Achieve a Fully Booked Dental Practice – Introduction
  2. Dental Marketing Golden Rules
  3. Internal vs External Dental Marketing
  4. Building Existing Dental Patient Relationships
  5. Dental Email Newsletters
  6. Social Media Marketing for Dentists
  7. Dental Recalls
  8. Incentive-Based Dental Marketing
  9. Dental Practice Open Days

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All the content from ‘Retaining Dental Patients To Achieve A Fully Booked Practice Seminar’

We are pleased to announce that the videos are now available for viewing from our recent seminar ‘Retaining Patients To Achieve A Fully Booked Practice Seminar’

presented with Henry Schein Halas and Carolyn S Dean in September 2017

[expand title=”1. Retaining Patients to Achieve a Fully Booked Dental Practice – Introduction”]
[expand title=”2. Dental Marketing Golden Rules”]
[expand title=”3. Internal vs External Dental Marketing”]
[expand title=”4. Building Existing Dental Patient Relationships”]
[expand title=”5. Dental Email Newsletters”]
[expand title=”6. Social Media Marketing for Dentists”]
[expand title=”7. Dental Recalls”]
[expand title=”8. Incentive-Based Dental Marketing”]
[expand title=”9. Dental Practice Open Days”]