Carolyn S Dean

Healthcare Marketing Strategist
Consultant, Educator, Author & Speaker

About Carolyn

Named as ‘Dental Industry Professional Of The Year 2018‘ by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), Carolyn is a widely known author, dental marketing speaker, and dental marketing consultant who works extensively with dental professionals throughout Australia and New Zeland. She is the author of ‘Fully Booked – Dental marketing secrets for a full appointment book’

A well-known seminar speaker, Carolyn’s speaks around Australia at many events.

Seminar Trainer

Fully Booked

The definitive step-by-step dental marketing book. Helping dental professionals to successfully attract and retain patients.

As a dental professional, you are facing unfamiliar challenges running and marketing your practice.

You are confronting:

  • Increased competition (both locally and abroad).
  • An oversupply of dentists.
  • Ever-rising practice operating costs.
  • More marketing-savvy patients.

To achieve practice success, it is essential to build long-term relationships with patients and prospects. Long-term patients are more likely to feel satisfied. It is they who welcome the opportunity to refer others to you and who will continue to use your services in the future.

It is now more critical than ever for you to make informed choices regarding how to market your dental practice in order to consistently attract new patients and retain current ones.

Carolyn S Dean has written ‘Fully Booked – Dental marketing secrets for a full appointment book’ to take the hard work out of dental marketing.This dental marketing book describes a proven nine-step dental process that will work for any dental professional (practice owner, practice manager, or marketing consultant) who wants grow their practice using dental marketing