Fully Booked – Dental Marketing Secrets For A Full Appointment Book

The definitive step-by-step dental marketing book. Helping dental professionals to successfully attract and retain patients.

Dental professionals face challenging times when it comes to running and marketing their practices. The business of dentistry is more competitive than ever and it is critical for dental professionals to make informed marketing choices.

In this book, you will learn how best to:

  • Attract new patients to your dental practice.
  • Retain existing patients and grow referrals.
  • Use marketing in a well-thought-out and consistent way to grow your practice revenue.

Fully Booked explains all the major aspects of traditional and online dental marketing, allowing dental professionals to put these learnings to immediate use in their practice.

Dental marketing expert Carolyn S Dean presents a proven nine-step process, delivering valuable insights, useful tactics, and essential dental marketing knowledge. This material is presented with examples, case studies, and checklists, informed by her extensive experience in the industry and sector-specific research.

Dental professionals will gain a keen understanding of how to vastly improve their dental practice’s marketing strategy, online visibility, reputation, and, ultimately, revenue.

Whether you are a long-time practicing dentist or a new dentist this is a must-have book. 

Dental Marketing Topics

The book covers numerous topics, including marketing planning, practice branding, referral programs, social media and online marketing.

‘Fully Booked’’ delivers information at an understandable, actionable level in an effort to allow dental professionals reading it to not only understand the information presented but more importantly to be able to put this information to immediate use in their businesses.

Regardless of previous marketing experience, by reading this book, dental professionals (and/or their office/practice or marketing managers) will gain a keen understanding of how to vastly improve their office’s online visibility, reputation, and ultimately revenue.

Covering all of the major aspects of traditional and online marketing specifically for dental practices.

Learn how to

  • attract new patients to your dental practice
  • retain existing patients
  • grow referrals, using marketing in a structured way to avoid wasting your time or money.

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One of the keys to success of any business is our ability to effectively market our business and establish long term successful relationships with our customers. As the level of change and competition intensifies in the dental profession, it is critical now more than ever to focus on these key areas of business success.

Fully Booked – Dental marketing secrets for a full appointment book” provides a step by step guide covering the core fundamentals of a successful dental practice marketing plan. It takes out the complexity and jargon and provides a realistic, tangible and implementable approach for any practice looking for success.

This book is a must read for any current or new practice owners, principal, practice managers or those involved in running a dental practice and wanting to take their practice and patient relationships to the next level.


Michael Fahey, National Sales Director

In the ten years I’ve been the editor of Bite dental magazine, I’ve come across quite a few marketing ‘experts’—some legitimate, many not. Carolyn S Dean is one of the former—the real deal when it comes to marketing expertise, which you can tell by reading this book.

The advice in ‘Fully Booked’ is spot-on, is specifically tailored to dental practices, and is wonderfully comprehensive. I love the checklists at the end of each chapter, which help you keep up with a lot of detailed, smart and actionable information.

For any dentist concerned with attracting and keeping patients in this day and age, ‘Fully Booked’ is a must-read.


Rob Johnson, Editor

I can thoroughly recommend ‘Fully Booked’ by Carolyn S Dean to any dentists who want to get to grips with their dental marketing and understand the essential elements required to promote their practice in the most effective manner.

In my experience of working with Carolyn and recommending her services to Prime Practice clients, I have found her to be an ethical, knowledgeable, and excellent consultant who specialises in dental marketing.

The steps outlined in this dental marketing book shine a light on topics such as marketing touch points, practice branding, internet marketing, blogging and all the different types of internal and external marketing needed for a dental practice operating in today’s competitive environment.

Using this knowledge and following Carolyn’s advice will enable you to raise your business above the bar, increase your patient-base and stay ahead of your competition.

Whether you wish to outsource your marketing activities or improve them within your practice, arm yourself with the expert guidance in ‘Fully Booked’ and follow the steps to dental marketing success.


Dr. Phillip Palmer, Chairman

The reality is the practices that Software of Excellence work with have limited experience and expertise when it comes to running a dental practice as a business.  As the world of running a dental practice gets more competitive and complicated it is critical to understand the key elements that are going to make you successful and move from a good practice into a great business.

This book gives a fantastic overview of marketing, breaking down the jargon and highlighting the key aspects that you need to understand and implement to grow your practice.This is a must read book and highly recommended to everyone involved in developing a successful dental practice.


Jonathan Engle, General Manager APAC/International Marketing Director

In  “Fully Booked”, Carolyn S Dean has produced an invaluable read and reference for Dental Practice Owners and Practice Managers. If you want to get serious about marketing in dentistry and especially the new expanding world of online presence, then start here! From basic concepts and expanding to a well-structured step-by-step plan, Carolyn guides the reader with experience and skill on the road to success.

I highly recommend her book, well done Carolyn!”


Dr Frank Papadopoulos, Dentist and Founding Co-Director

A refreshing idea that is long overdue!

When we study to become Dental Professionals, we learn all aspects of work within our scope. We become competent in daily practice but not, unfortunately, business generation and best practice. This book is unique in that it gives insights, common and revolutionary, to maximize our working day. It does this by putting forward ideas that can help market your practice, fill patient appointment books and maintain patient retention allowing us to do what it is we love to do, treat patients!

Fully Booked’ is recommended reading for all Dental Prosthetists, Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Therapists, practice managers and people interested in great ideas to maximize business outcomes.


Abe Awakian, President

I have floundered around with marketing for my dental practice over the years. The organisations I have used to help me, with hindsight, have not really had a clue about marketing a dental practice & the results I have achieved have been random & disappointing; invariably leaving me with the feeling that someone other than myself has profited from the exercise.

Using Carolyn S Dean’s team to market my dental practice is a no brainer. I find I am several steps ahead with each marketing project because My Dental Marketing understands the dental industry from top to bottom and has a compelling solution, backed up with data and results from campaigns run in similar “dental” circumstances. Why spend your time & your money inventing a surf board when clever people like Carolyn Dean are already here riding the wave for you.


Dr. Andrea Clarke BDS

Carolyn S Dean has demystified the cloud of noise that is marketing. In ‘Fully Booked’ , she sets up clear pathways to enhance your dental practice using the latest marketing techniques.

‘Fully Booked’ starts by showing you how to clarify the core reason that you are in practice along with your passion and your ‘why’. It then explains how to identify the ‘DNA of your brand’ and how to create targeted marketing campaigns to grow your dental practice and get more patients.

Whether you starting your dental practice from scratch or addressing your current position ‘Fully Booked’ needs to be read.

Ian Shapland, National Business Development Manager, Elite Fitout Solutions and President

Australian Dental Industry Association (Queensland Branch)

Carolyn’s latest book, ” Fully Booked”, brings clarity to the murky waters of dental marketing. Her new book is a game changer to dentists in Australia.

As dentists in private practice, we can undertake the most complex of dental procedures in small dark spaces but are literally in the dark when in comes to the business side of our practices!

The moment I started reading Carolyn’s book she made the daunting concepts associated with dental marketing coherent and intelligible. Her step by step process and writing style makes “Fully Booked” a joy to read and empowers me to dive in and explore the world of dental marketing so my practice can thrive with me at the helm.


Dr Sara Lonerga

When a great idea or a new book comes along people often say “why hasn’t someone thought of that before?”. This book goes much further than just attracting patients to your practice but makes you think about why you are in business and the importance of incorporating marketing into your overall business plan.

Most of the book is equally relevant to non-dental businesses and on that point I have had my business’s website (MW Partners , Specialist Dental Accountants and Tax Advisers) established and maintained by My Dental Marketing.

With the business of dentistry becoming more competitive than ever, I believe this book is a must read for every dentist who wants to be educated on the core principle of marketing as part of a strategy to run a successful practice.

Albert Gigl, Principal

Over the last 10 years the face of Dentistry in Australia has gone through major change. There has been a large influx of foreign dentists and more dental schools have been built graduating far more dentists than the profession requires. Corporates have been allowed to purchase dental practices and with huge amounts of money behind them and business experience, they can weigh out market private practices. Combined with this, patients are more savy with their spending habits and more selective in who they go to for dental treatment. The internet revolution and easing of advertising restrictions has totally changed the way we need to market our practices. Certainly gone are the days we can just open our doors, do good quality dentistry and patients will flock to us. Most general private practices today are certainly struggling to keep their appointment books full.

So this timely book is a well thought out, comprehensive insight into the state of dentistry in Australia today explaining the steps necessary to succeed in marketing, getting and retaining patients.

With decades of experience in marketing as well as working with dentists and dental practices Carolyn is uniquely positioned to share her vast knowledge in this field.


Dr. Jeff Brown, Principal Dentist

‘Fully Booked’ is a much needed book for the dental industry and Carolyn S Dean is the perfect person to have written it.

Carolyn’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the marketing of dental practices, especially in the realms of online opportunities, means she has become a highly sought after expert for dental surgeries. She gives insightful and practical advice throughout and her lessons for navigating online promotion of businesses. Her knowledge is invaluable.

I recommend this book to every dental practice, from start-ups through to well established surgeries. I know Carolyn to be very driven and focused and admire the success she generates in her life, and in the businesses she works with.

Julie Parker

Carolyn S Dean’s book is a must read for any dentist who is planning to flourish over the coming years. Her expertise and insight are real eye-openers to what many dentists consider the “Black Art” of Marketing. The nine step plan in ‘Fully Booked’ is a road map to success that every dentist can follow.

Carolyn’s wealth of industry knowledge positions this book as the premier publication for all Australian dentists.

Steve Daley, Director

This is a book that helps every day Aussie dentists decipher and survive the ever changing online marketing arena.
It is easy to read and very informative.
I have known Carolyn for many years, she setup my website and couldn’t be more thankful for the great job.


Dr. Saif Hayek, Founder

The success of your dental practice is significantly influenced by your marketing ability, however these skills are rarely taught at university. Carolyn’s dental marketing book will help you overcome this shortfall by providing you with an accelerated marketing education. Carolyn has a rare ability to translate marketing speak into plain English, and provides a roadmap that will allow you to develop your dental practice to the level you would like it to be.


David Hazlewood, Author of Clinical Trials – How Successful Doctors Navigate The Constantly Changing Medical System To Achieve Financial Well Being

At last an easy to read, practical book on Dental Marketing. With a strong focus on attracting new patients and keeping the current one’s loyal, “Fully Booked – Dental Marketing secrets for a full appointment book” is a great resource for every dental practice. It is filled with business building strategies that can be implemented immediately and are relevant in the Australian marketplace.

As a marketing professional for 25 years, and more recently business manager for Plateau Dental Care, I found working with Carolyn and her team invaluable. Her structured approach to marketing makes sense and is cost-effective.

In this competitive climate a proactive marketing plan is essential to business success.

Toni Black, Business Manager