Marketing Consulting

To achieve business success, it is essential to have the correct marketing strategy in place to build long-term relationships with customers and prospects.

Carolyn’s marketing consulting services offer you guidance and support in all areas of your marketing, such as launch strategies, retention marketing, developing your online presence and knowing and tracking the critical numbers (such as marketing budgets and agency fee assessments).

Marketing consulting can benefit you if:

  • You want feedback on your past and future marketing strategies
  • You are confused by marketing and how to use it to gain visibility for your business
  • You need help developing your online presence so that it generates new customers
  • You are unsure about how to stand out against your competition
  • You want to make sure you get a return on your investment in marketing

How consulting helps

  • Saves you from costly mistakes, both in terms of your reputation and marketing budget.
  • Work with you to plan successful and cost-effective marketing
  • Offer support, advice, ideas and guidance to get your practice moving forward faster.
  • Keep you focused so you are moving forward more quickly and effectively.
  • Brainstorm on particular issues to help you make decisions
  • Help you track results and measure return on investment
  • Provide advice on the best tools and resources you need to develop the plan and market successfully.
  • Improve the marketing skills of your business.


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 Carolyn Dean shows leadership in the dental industry by sharing her understanding of how to market a dental practice in the increasingly competitive dental space via various forms of media including her book, live seminars and videos. Carolyn provides value and integrity by sharing her knowledge and experience with dentists around Australia. Over the last 2 years of working with Carolyn we have created more value within each individual dental practice, which has given our customers a real opportunity to take hold of the future and grow their practices.

Mike Covey

Vice President & Managing Director Henry Schein Halas

Carolyn S Dean’s consulting services have been an integral part of my business succeeding and getting to where we are now. I decided that for an entire year, I would take all of her advice and put it into action and just see where it led me to. I am happy to say that my practice is so busy that I am in the position of employing more staff to help me accommodate the workload. Our branding is strong across all areas, we have consistent tracking/analysis of our business growth/costs/marketing and our website/SEO has gained great traction and looks great.

I look forward to our calls and the way that our progress has been tracked and analysed is integral for me to be able to make astute business decisions. It is interesting to actually be able to look at the numbers and see different trends arise, marketing success, marketing fails, new patient numbers, patients lost, all of these aspects which are important to be aware of and addressing as a new dental business.

I really feel like Carolyn has gone above and beyond the normal standards on all levels, I have had a fantastic time learning from her and her team and will continue to do so into the future. The genuine nature of Carolyn and her team is radiated through all aspects of the business and this combined with their expertise, has really built a brilliant service in a niche market.

Kimberly Ivett – Director/Principal Dentist, Sydney Boutique Dentistry

Carolyn Dean stands apart in the field of dental marketing experts. When I first met her, I was impressed by her approach to the marketing side of the business of dentistry with her company, My Dental Marketing /Wellsites. Where other marketing firms made questionable claims about what optimising websites for search engine results, Carolyn was building robust, high-quality digital products for dental practices. Her knowledge of the world of digital marketing, particularly, was shared readily and willingly. She was not interested in hype. Just in helping her clients with something they didn’t understand.

No one else providing marketing services to dentists has produced such an accurate, dispassionate and useful book about marketing a dental practice. In fact, I don’t know of anyone else in the world doing it. I am happy to hold up Carolyn as a model of an industry leader in the dental industry.

Rob Johnson

Chief Content Officer / Editor Bite Magazine