Dental Marketing Online Trends and Best Practice

Presenter’s Name

Carolyn S Dean

The aim of this course is to demystify these topics by telling you what you actually need to know and giving you the tools to grow your practice with effective online marketing and to talk knowledgeably and confidently to your staff or your marketing suppliers.

To have a successful practice you need to understand and embrace the world of online marketing. The best way to market your practice has changed. Gone are the days of yellow pages advertisements and flyer drops.

There is a lot of talk about online marketing, social media and search engine marketing for businesses. Some dental practices are already engaging in online marketing while other dental practices have an intuitive hunch that there is something to online word-of-mouth marketing, but they’re just not sure yet what it is.

Course Topics

  • Discover the 9 steps to online dental marketing success.
  • Know what online strategies are right for your practice.
  • Learn the secrets to a great website.
  • Understand how to structure your online presence for maximum conversion.
  • Know what social media platforms you should be using and why.
  • Hear why you need to use Google My Business.
  • Understand why you need to start blogging.
  • Identify which Search Engine Marketing strategy is right for your practice.
  • Hear why it is critical to watch your online reputation.
  • Evaluate if video marketing is right for your practice.
  • Learn to reactivate existing clients with the use of email marketing.

Learning Objectives

  • To grow your practice with the use of online marketing
  • To enable you to view online marketing in a totally new light and to see the value in marketing your practice online.
  • To understand where you may be going wrong with the online marketing for your practice.
  • To have the tools and knowledge and understand what is required to make this happen.
  • To be able to easily implement the techniques discussed within your practice.

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