Top Dental Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marketing is an important part of growing your dental practice.

However, making common marketing mistakes can easily cost your practice thousands of dollars. This talk covers the most frequently made dental marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Course Synopsis

Great marketing can make the difference between a highly profitable dental practice and one that simply pays the bills.

Properly developed and well-executed marketing activities can connect you with the right patients, and get people talking about your practice. When you invest money in marketing your dental practice, the purpose is to get that money back through quality patients.

Yet, every practice has its fair share of ups and downs when it comes to marketing. Some marketing activities will work and some won’t. When it comes to marketing, many dental practices don’t realize the mistakes they’re making until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, many dental marketing activities actually lose money because the practice is making very common mistakes. They invest a lot of time, hard work and money, only to lose it all because they failed to develop a solid strategy to properly market their practice. By recognizing these mistakes, you can position yourself to avoid them and implement better tactics that will results in a stronger marketing response for your practice development.

In this talk you will learn how your dental practice should approach marketing, as well as certain pitfalls you should avoid.


Carolyn S Dean – Author and CEO of My Dental Marketing

Speaker Biography 

Carolyn S Dean is the author of ‘Fully booked – Dental marketing secrets for a full appointment book’ and is the Managing Director at ‘My Dental Marketing’. Carolyn is a widely known seminar speaker and dental marketing consultant working extensively with dental professionals.

Carolyn has over 21 years experience in sales and marketing, working with some of the largest global IT organisations in the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Over the last 10 years she has specialised in the area of the dental, medical and health care profession.

Carolyn is Managing Director at My Dental Marketing award winning specialist in marketing services and website design for dental, medical and healthcare professionals. They currently manage a portfolio of over 300 practices. They provide marketing solutions solely in the dental and medical space. As a consequence Carolyn has gained a deep understanding of this profession’s problems and pain points.