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Why you need a dental newsletter

dental newsletterSending dental newsletters

We believe that a dental newsletter is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods you can implement. A growing number of professionals use newsletter marketing to build their practices. Newsletters are ideally suited and highly effective for the unique marketing needs of professional practices. Unlike traditional advertising, newsletters are not viewed as self- serving, because each issue provides valuable information.

Email marketing campaigns give you the opportunity to distribute information to a wide audience of patients at a relatively competitive rate. Research shows that email marketing has one of the best return on investment ratios. Start collecting email addresses as early as you can. Even if you don’t currently have an email strategy prepared, these will prove very useful at a future time.

Dental newsletter benefits

The benefits of email newsletters include the following:

  • They enhance your practice’s
  • They increase the lifetime value of your
  • They leverage your other marketing
  • They provide instantaneous, easily-tracked
  • There is an opportunity for your patients to easily and immediately interact with
  • You can promote dialogue with
  • They provide a higher response rate because they are being sent to a more receptive
  • They are more cost-efficient than a printed newsletter because of the significant savings in time, printing, and mailing

A dental newsletter demonstrates your concern for the people your practice serves and aims to strengthen that relationship. It is a convenient and impressive way to keep in touch on a regular basis, especially with patients you may not see often.

Collecting email addresses

If you do not have email addresses in your practice management software, I suggest that staff start phoning patients and gathering email addresses. Start with patients who have been into the clinic in the last six months, then those who have visited between six and twelve months ago, then twelve to eighteen months, etc.

Go through your practice management software and extract patient lists for your practice manager/receptionist. Get them to go through this list at the times when the practice is quiet.

Find out more

We have a number of email newsletter options that can help you to keep in regular contact with your existing patients.

Please contact us to find out more.